Foundation Bolt
We are providing foundation bolts in different finishes, such as hot dip galvanizing, zinc phosphating, manganese phosphating, metallic zinc and cadmium plating. The bolts can be selected based on their torque values, ASTM specifications, and grades.
Machine Spare Parts
One of the popular machine spare parts is anti-vibration mounts, which are useful in minimizing noise and vibration in heavy machinery and equipment. These machine parts are known for absorbing the sound and vibrations that automatically result in reduced wear & damage.

Nut and Bolt
Widely used in applications, ranging from small parts to huge industrial applications, the entire collection of nuts and bolts is made using stainless steel and other metals that ensure their sturdy construction and resistance to water, moisture and other factors.

Shear Pins
Shear pins differ from a typical bolt because it is engineered to break, or "shear," which is a positive thing in various applications. Shear pins have a weak spot that snaps if there is a clog between the auger and the housing.

Rubber Products
We are offering various rubber products, such as rubber sleeve gaskets. These are available in various finishes, such as brass, galvanized iron, black iron and PVC. The purpose of these gaskets is to tighten the end nut seals against the pipe.

Industrial Trolley
We are providing industrial trolleys that are perfectly balanced and can be easily moved. Various factors that can affect the handling capacity of material handling trolleys are size (width, depth, and height), weight (per unit volume), and other factors.

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